Ultra-light and thin nylon fabric, soft, light, durable, tear-resistant, leak-proof, and water-proof. Precision ultra-light polyester fabric, soft, light, durable, leak-proof, water-proof, with fashion printing (applicable to multicolour printing). High quality and fluffy white duck down, ultra-light, warm and compressive. Vertical collar design, good warmth retention.
New design, three-dimensional tailoring, fashionable format.
Strip design, line width moderate, better warmth retention, overall beauty. The left-handed pocket can be used as a self-contained bag, easy to accept, with hooks, and more portable.
The hat, collar, and cuffs are wrapped with high-quality elastic edges, which are more wind-proof and warmer. Cap zipper connection can be disassembled at will; front and middle zipper rotating head design, can be connected with the charger at will, single wear, more flexible wear. Lower pendulum rope pulling adjustment, windproof and warm, prevents the wind from pouring into the lower pendulum. Side pockets with zippers on both sides are equipped within anti-skid pendant, which is easy to use and easy to place.
All inner seams are edged to make the seams more firm and beautiful. Left chest with exquisite fashion printing LOGO. YKK zipper, international quality, durable, with anti-skid pendant, smooth use.